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May 28th, 2018
Dear potential investors,
I'm Nguyen Nam Hai, C.E.O of ClickGem Project (ClickGem Inc – Belize), you can call me as Hai!
First of all, thanks for your interest in ClickGem Project, this is the honor of our development team!
Second, although you can find all information about ClickGem project on the internet, I still want to provide you a brief summary and explain which can help you to understand this project easily and fully: - ClickGem project is creating a new payment system which is much better than all current payment systems, include PayPal and other similar payment systems! We are focusing on developing a payment gateway (paygate) which can support to pay and receive payment with multiple different currencies (both cryptocurrencies and fiat money), it has a special feature for exchange currency instantly during transaction, through exchange floors (this is an important advantage because buyers can pay by any currency and they not need to match with currency which sellers want to receive, and always get the lowest exchange rates from the market) and very low fee. That is our core application! Then we will develop additional an ecosystem of applications and APIs to support that core application. We will also develop two-directions API for our paygate so it can integrate with other forex/cryptocurrency exchanges to increase liquidity and have more chances to find the lowest exchange rate when exchange currency for buyers/sellers when they using our paygate. - Another advantage of ClickGem paygate: at this time, not many merchants/sellers are ready to accept payments for their business by cryptocurrencies because of many reasons (tax declaration, risks of the exchange rate, risks of the liquidity, risks with the law - not many governments allow cryptocurrency business) while in fact have a lot of people owned cryptocurrencies want to use it as currencies for shopping, for payment... ClickGem paygate will support for cross-exchange between Fiat currency and cryptocurrency and it will be a solution to connect people owning cryptocurrency with all merchants/sellers around the world. - ClickGem is a project started from January 2018 that aims to create all tools and applications which will support and encourage people to use more cryptocurrencies in different fields of the real life instead of only trading them like stocks/currencies/commodities on exchanges floors on the internet. Until now, we achieved some points on our roadmap and launched some important working applications. Our development team are still improving those applications (add more features, improve processing speed and security, optimize user interface) and developing new applications to build ClickGem ecosystem. You can see our roadmap at here: https://www.clickgem.com/roadmap.html . You can also test our applications by register an account on the website! - ClickGem project also has its own cryptocurrency called ClickGem (CGM). Web wallet, full-node wallet for Linux and block explorer had been launched already. Full-node wallet for Windows and MacOS are estimated to be launched in next month (June 2018)! Because ClickGem project focuses solely on developing an ecosystem of applications which support for all cryptocurrencies, so the CGM cryptocurrency is simply forked from Litecoin open source. However, we think it is good enough to use as a cryptocurrency, no need any new additional features! - ClickGem project is a service provider and we will generate profits mainly from collect fees from people who used our tools and applications. We released our owned cryptocurrency to raise fund from the community to have more budget for ClickGem project development. ClickGem cryptocurrency has all the same function with other currencies which supported by our system. But our users will always get 50% discount on every fee when utilizing ClickGem cryptocurrency (cheaper fee than other currencies). Especially, some future applications in ClickGem ecosystem will only support for ClickGem cryptocurrency. People can also trade ClickGem cryptocurrency in many other public exchange floors. When ClickGem ecosystem is fully developed and present at all of its target markets, it will have a lot of users around the world. Needs of CGM cryptocurrency will increase a lot (because it has a lot of incentives compared to other cryptocurrencies which supported in ClickGem ecosystem) while its maximum supply is only 30 million, so its price will increase rapidly! - Until this time (May 2018), ClickGem website has very good ranking, over 60,000 registered users and over 22,000 followers on Telegram and still increasing day by day. - ClickGem is a young project but developer team is professional and high qualified but, above all, is very motivated in achieving predetermined goals.
If ClickGem project succeeded: - It will help all merchants/sellers have a better way to receive payment and have more buyers. - It will help all buyers have a new payment method which is more flexible and better than all old methods, easier for online shopping. - It will help all people who owning cryptocurrency can use their cryptocurrency to do more things than only trading it on exchange floors. - It will help many exchange floors (include Forex and cryptocurrency exchanges) have more buy orders and improve liquidity. - It will accelerate the implementation and application of global blockchain technology.
ClickGem project will be a global service like PayPal, Amazon, Alibaba or Aliexpress so it can access all markets in the world and its scalability is unlimited!
Our project will attend to ICORace event (www.icorace.ch) in Switzerland on June 6/7th. Have over 100 ICO applications sent to ICORace, but our project is on top 20 ICO projects which will enter semi-finals! That means our project is highly appreciated by the ICORace organizer. We will have a chance to present our project as a speaker to a lot of investors at there. This is a very good chance to attract people from ICORace event to our project!
Our project also attended to the 2nd Global Fintech & Blockchain China Expo 2018 at Shanghai (China) on last month (April 2018) and attended to the World BlockChain CryptoCurrency Summit Moscow 2018 (WBCSUMMIT MOSCOW 2018) in Russia on this month (May 2018). Our business idea is also highly appreciated by every people in both events! You can see our presence in both events at here: https://www.clickgem.com/updates-apr-12-2018-clickgem-team-… https://www.clickgem.com/updates-may-20-2018-meet-us-at-wor… https://www.clickgem.com/updates-may-19-2018-meet-us-at-wor…
Third, I want to tell you about my personal story and the reason of idea to start the ClickGem project: I'm a businessman and I have a small factory in Vietnam for producing hair extensions & wigs products (Company introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMHk0UyA05s). I have been running this business for about 10 years. Most of the products produced in my factory are exporting to many different countries (USA, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, UK, Hong Kong, Korea etc...). Within 10 years doing international business, one of biggest troubles for my business is receive payments from international clients because most of my clients don't want to pay directly to my company bank account because of the barrier of customs and import procedures, etc... To maintain business with those clients, I have to suggest them to: - Pay to my personal bank account >> It usually makes trouble to me for tax declaration. - Pay through personal money transfer companies like Western Union, MoneyGram, Unistream, etc... >> Can only receive small amounts, high fees. I still have trouble with tax declaration. - Pay through PayPal >> Many limitations and very high fee (PayPal transaction fee is 4.4% but the total amount I lose usually up to 12% because PayPal only allows merchants to withdraw money from the account by local currency and they always apply exchange rates which are very disadvantage for the merchant). I still have trouble with tax declaration - Pay by cash through brokers, pilots or flight attendants >> No trouble with tax declaration but can't transfer big amounts. High fee, and high risk! Because of limitation and barriers to receiving payment, I can't easy to expand my business. I know that not only I have this trouble, a lot of business people are having the same trouble! I never stop finding the better solution to solve problems with receive payment!
Until when I know about cryptocurrency which created using blockchain technology and strong communities are supporting the cryptocurrency, I strongly believe it can replace our current currencies in a future near. Cryptocurrency has a lot of advantages which compared to our current currencies. However, now is just the beginning of the era of cryptocurrency, we still have not many applications with enough features to support cryptocurrency to become our main currency.
I start thinking about ClickGem Project which can have all features combined from PayPal, CoinBase, Forex websites, cryptocurrency exchange websites, Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, etc... which can support strongly for cryptocurrency and become a perfect system for payment and exchange currencies.
Currently, my team has not many people, but we can achieve many goals within a short time (about 5 months), although before that we haven't any preparation and even don't know many about blockchain technology. That can show our ability is not small and that ability will continue to multiply many times when we have more budget to recruit more talented people! I know that still have many difficulties in future and still need more time make ClickGem system become a perfect system, but I strongly believe that every difficulty will have the solution to solve (like the way I have been done with my current business from the zero) and I believe can make these ideas become real!
Other reasons make me strongly believe ClickGem project will be succeeded and it could become the big system like PayPal, Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, etc… are: I believe that when we do anything if we don't believe in ourselves and what we are doing, we will never succeed. And what is easy come will easy go, only goals which are difficult to be achieved will create the real value! My team members owned a same great skill is we never give up and we will always search for solutions to solve all difficulties! I also know that because of the unstable situation of politic and economy are happening many places around the world, so many people start finding better currencies for daily transactions or hold as an asset instead of Fiat currency (cash, money at banks), gold or some things like that, this is also the main reason to make cryptocurrency become a very hot trend at this time! I believe that is the normal evolution and development of human society (in our history has witnessed many similar phases and events)! I have enough knowledge about IT field and doing business, I understand that to build systems like PayPal, Amazon, Alibaba or Aliexpress is not very difficult, I'm total can build similar systems but my systems even can support for both cryptocurrency and Fiat currency! Those companies only difference with me is they have a great opportunity to receive support from big funding companies and even government because all of them are established at the beginning of the era of the internet (For example: Alibaba has established from the beginning of the era of the internet in China, so they have opportunity to receive great support from big funding companies like SoftBank, etc... and the Chinese Government about resources, relationships, policies, etc...). The beginning of the era of the stock market is also similar to the beginning of the era of the internet, also generated many big names and many big companies. Current is the beginning of the era of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, I believe that we have the same opportunity with PayPal, Amazon, Alibaba or Aliexpress... Why not take this opportunity? My team only think and do, with all of our efforts and sincerity, I believe we can convince and get support from many investors to realize our dream!
I still have a lot of ideas to do with ClickGem project, however, my budget is limited and I can’t do everything alone! So, I always looking for more people who can join a hand with me, together to make this project succeed!
Would you like to join one hand with me?
I hope ClickGem project can meet your interest and opens the way for an interesting and profitable collaboration!
Thanks for spending your time to read my proposal and I hope you will spend more time to review ClickGem project!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Best regards,
Nguyen Nam Hai – CEO [email protected]
ClickGem Project https://www.clickgem.com
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LH-CRYPTO digest for September

LH-CRYPTO digest for September
On September 1 our crypto- broker began its work:
now customers have the opportunity to register a real trading account on the start tariff and choose the currency of their deposit from the list of the 10 most common cryptocurrencies.
The functionality was significantly expanded and the interface of the personal account was improved, the site was launched in Russian.
Very soon, the company’s clients will have access to the Standard tariff, where users will be able to use a higher leverage (up to 1 in 100 for cryptocurrencies and up to 1 in 500 for Forex instruments) and have higher withdrawal limits in automatic mode.
Also, the commission on the Standard group account is reduced by 10% and it is possible to replenish accounts not only with cryptocurrencies but also with Bank cards and Bank transfers.
Moreover, in the near future, EURO will be added to the list of currencies and so-called multi-accounts will start working, and you can switch between them also through your personal account.
In September, we took part in the international exhibition CryptoExpo Moscow, and in October we will visit two major exhibitions: Singapore Crypto Expo 2018 and Lisbon Affiliate Conference in Portugal.
We will continue to keep you informed through our social networks!
Stay tuned!

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The Second Round of e-Chat ICO, First Decentralized Messenger, Ends in 10 Days!

The e-Chat team managed to develop the Blockchain-based instant messaging system that enables the financial transactions within the system. The users’ assets are stored in e-Chat cryptowallets with the best protection and encryption mechanisms implemented. The startup has already gone through the pre-ICO and the First Round of ICO. The Second Round of e-Chat ICO starts on December 16 and ends on December 30, 2017. It is the shortest ECHT token presale period among the 3 planned, which lasts only for 15 days. The price of 1 ECHT token is $0.80.
The e-Chat international management team advocates for the highest level of confidentiality and security of your personal data. The e-Chat is a cross-platform app with a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it is free and absolutely protected against blocking from the side of institutions and governments.
The e-Chat cryptowallet enables the storage and transfer of your assets in ECHT and the leading cryptocurrencies. The unique feature of the cryptolike allows the connection of your cryptoassets with the standard function of the upvote. If there is the engaging content in your newsfeed you could instantly transfer some funds to the author.
The project is gaining weight worldwide as the e-Chat team is actively participating in conferences, summits, meetups and ICO battles. During the First Round of e-Chat ICO, this startup became a partner of the Cryptoconference held in Tokyo and was spotted among the Gold Sponsors of the Blockchain summit in London. Among the recent events where e-Chat team players had an opportunity to speak about the project were the biggest Blockchain Conference – BlockShow Asia 2017, 6th China Forex Expo and Cryptospace in Moscow. The e-Chat community has also significantly grown, especially the subscriptions to their social network pages.
Get it on Google Play or App Store, try it out and enjoy the highest level of protection against breaches, cyberattacks and meddling from any third parties.
Make up your mind and support the first decentralized social messaging platform. Stay tuned, visit the official e-Chat website, where you can also find thewhitepaper of the project.
Unit 25A,
Wing Hing Commercial Building,
139 Wing Lok Street,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
+8 (528) 009-06441 – Hong Kong
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10 НА ЛИНЖЕРИ ЭКСПО / 10 ON LINGERIE EXPO #petraksenov #fashion Hybrid Solutions Throughout the Years AUBADE LINGERIE SUMMER 2016 Fashion Show in Moscow B2Broker Employees Gather at Moscow Headquarters for Product Training FinFXTrading - YouTube MOSCOW FOREX EXPO 2013 Black Ice. Выступление на Moscow Forex Expo

FOREX EXPO — это масштабное выставочное мероприятие, посвященное международному валютному рынку Forex, ... Moscow Forex Expo или Shanhai Forex Expo. Основное ядро Forex Expo составляет выставка, а которой представлены участники финансовых ... The ShowFx World financial conference took place on March 12, 2016 in Hotel Metropol, Moscow. The annual event once again brought together a great number of guests and participants who came to Moscow looking to share their experience and expertise with colleagues and partners. The event`s agenda covered a variety of investment and trading-related topics that were explored in training seminars ... Leading in its segment, MOSCOW FOREX EXPO will create once again the perfect conditions for getting the latest information about the state of FOREX market in Russia and abroad. Event organizers hope, that the exhibition will bring you not only financial and educational benefit, but also gift a good mood. Summary of the 10th International Exhibition MOSCOW FOREX EXPO 2010. International ... Anyone who has attended last year’s International Exhibition Moscow Forex Expo will not want to miss this upcoming event. This is the 18th International Exhibition in Moscow and it continues to be the industry’s largest trade show in Russia. Organizer: Finexpo Dates: April 24-25, 2015 Location: Moscow. The 8th International Exhibition Kiev Forex Expo 2015 11/13/2014 9:43:00 AM. The 8th ... South Africa offers a unique combination of developed-world infrastructure and logistics networks, World device expo, exhibition is the best place for gadgets, PC, smartphones, headphones, drones and other electronics manufacturers to reach new markets and goals. World fx expo financial event is a Moscow Forex Expo is a spectacular event attracting a wide range of brokerages, dealing centers, banks and investment firms willing to demonstrate their success in the currency trading market. The event is well-known to both industry professionals and regular traders of the region, as its history counts 7 years of stable performance. Russian Federation is the country with well-developed forex ... A Forex expo can provide you with great opportunities to learn about new trading strategies, network with other Forex traders and become familiar with the latest developments from within the industry. With Forex events being hosted worldwide, finding an affordable, relevant Forex expo has never been easier. We’ve listed the top Forex events worldwide so that you can find the one that’s ... Moscow Forex Expo 2015. Silver sponsor of the 18th International exhibition Moscow Forex Expo 2015. Forex Expo 2011. Aderon EU LLC ist als «der beste CFD Broker ausgezeichnet» Certificate. Participant of Jakarta Finance and Investment EXPO 2011. ShowFX Asia Company 2011. Moscow Forex Expo 2010. Ausgezeichnet mit Teilnehmer des 9. Internationalen Ausstellung. Moscow Forex Expo 2010 ... Moscow Finance and Investment Expo 2012 was also attended by the representatives of the Forex Traders International Union (MOFT) - the first official international cooperation of Forex traders. It is important to mention, that according to the results of voting held at the website of ShowFx World, MOFT was acknowledged as the Best Rebate Service 2011. Moscow Forex Expo 2020 One of the largest trade shows in Russia with more than 50 companies exhibiting their services and products and 3,000 attendees from around the world. The expo program includes seminars, round table discussions, B2B conferences, workshops and key speaker representing leaders in their fields..

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Forex Expo - Moscow Financial Expo 2016 :: B2Broker Liquidity and Forex Tech Provider - Duration: 2:59. B2Broker - Liquidity & Technology Provider 465 views. 2:59. IFX EXPO ASIA Hong Kong 2019 ... Семинар "Торговые стратегии на IV квартал 2015". Moscow Forex Expo 2015 Форекс аналитика от FX BAZOOKA. Loading... Unsubscribe from Форекс ... We work in B2B services for financial companies, providing forex & cryptocurrency liquidity, technological solutions around the world. Our main aim is to pro... lingerie expo exhibition in moscow ВЫСТАВКА ЛИНЖЕРИ ЭКСПО В МОСКВЕ Лаура Мирная о Moscow Forex Expo - Duration: 14:27. YouTrade.TV 283 views. 14:27. Forex Trading: What's the Secret? - Duration: 20:48. Trade Empowered Recommended for you. 20:48 ... 8 BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY (LINGERIE EXPO) ... GRAND DEFILÉ LINGERIE Magazine at CPM Fall 2014/2015 Moscow - Fashion Channel - Duration: 27:28. Fashion Channel 43,557 views. 27:28. AUBADE CPM Moscow SS ... http://blackice-invest.ru/ Презентация книги "Черный ящик" Владимир Кондрашова на выставке Moscow Forex Expo 31 ... 02:34 we are WINNERS in Moscow Forex Expo as Best Forex Software Developers in 2008. 02:45 Exhibiting in Kuwait Traders Expo in 2009. 02:56 Exhibiting in China Forex Expo 2010. 03:10 In 2011 ... FinFX booth at the Mosow Forex Expo 2013 - Duration: 16 seconds. 276 views; 6 years ago; 0:44 . FinFX - Best FX Broker Northern Europe 2013 - Duration: 44 seconds. 357 views; 6 years ago; This ...